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The first 20 years -

1985 -
Early writing, first general publication, distributed on diskette.
Reportedly (possibly) the stimulus for as many as 3000 initiatives globally in 10 years.

1986 -
CBC Venture - Patrick Watson / Cathy Chilco
This is probably the best video we ever had, now regrettably dated.

1987 -

1994 -
In Manchester, we made much good progress on documentation and software systems. But not much immediately productive. However, it did lead to ….

1997 - The ethical code for open money development.

2001 -
Our Japanese period - work commisioned by Hakuhodo Corporation
This site is the most complete presentation, 6 editions of a magazine over the year.

2002 -
All in the family

2005 -
This set of pages may be the most succinct condensation of the ideas and implications of open money

2008 -
The term "open money" applies to the field of opportunity for such community currencies, which will be realised / expressed in forms of socio-economic neo-tribalism.

2009 - Ten easy pieces - a series of short open money videos by Alan Rosenblith

2012 - Covestment with Community Currencies - Jordan Bober’s most excellent elaboration.

2013 - STIR to Action
A more recent line in the sand - money as matter as distinct from money as measure.

2014 -
This is a new development, with new architecture and extraordinary implications.
Still in infancy, and presenting a clear path to the end of poverty, locally and globally.
Maybe $1 each to end poverty, but could be even less.
(This is a rewrite of an original presentation by Mark Zuckerberg, whose structure was applied to this content. This is NOT an endorsement of MZ or FB)

2015 - Evolving Education - perhaps an academic exercise Curitiba Remix - but led by enterprise, not government
S&M - sustainability and money

2016 - City Commons - page 37-39
One small chapter in a very rich collection compiled by Jose Ramos.

Money Patterns Matter (video - 60 min) -

Disruptive Innovation Festival by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation.
links to additional archived materials
This site is generally more detailed, for serious exploration.

Irish Question, Irish Answer
a simple solution, elegant and unplanned.

Currently in development - (omg!) and (simply on). - shape of things to come, very soon

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