The current openmoney (OM) suite

The current implementation of the openmoney software was created by Dominique Legault and comprises four main components:

openmoney-api (OM API) (forked from here)

This provides a REST API to a Couchbase DB in which recursively nested namespaces enclose stewards, currencies and accounts. This is intended as a component with an expanding collection of tools.

All users are responsible for the management of their own records so every user is termed a steward.

The stewards are self-registering and each can create currencies, accounts and namespaces where permitted.

A currency is any value representable by a scalar. Therefore the term open money is unnecessarily restrictive. It is maintained partly for historical reasons, but also because monies of various type are important cases of currency in this sense.

openmoney-network (forked from here)

This is a small client designed to access the OM API. Its display is sufficiently compact to make it usable on a smartphone or in an iFrame.

This is essentially a proof-of-concept prototype.

openmoney-gift-api (forked from here)

An alternative API for the merchants' loyalty system (OM Gift). This shares some of the data from the OM API's Couchbase DB but also using an additional key-value DB.

openmoney-gift (OM gift) (forked from here)

The user interface for the merchants' loyalty system. This version supports the design and printing of paper vouchers identifying the merchant, target account and payment to be recorded via a QR code.

Any smartphone can be used to scan the QR code, redirecting the payer to the OM Gift instance.

The current and short-term development development

The OM suite described above is very much a work in progress, and is intended primarily as a proof-of-concept demonstration system. This version has been written for use only on Ubuntu (and possibly Debian) and runs Couchbase in a Docker container.





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